About Us

New Oregon Wood Products constructs custom Wooden Tent Poles and Stakes.
To receive free literature call (716) 337-2680.

Our poles are constructed of ash or #1 or better Douglas Fir wood.
Other types of wood can be used upon request.
Length and diameter specifications can be varied to meet your needs.

Our standard poles include:

SIDE POLES – 2 1/8” diameter poles (round, octagon, or rectangle) with 12” by ½” to 5/8” steel rod
imbedded in the pole 6” leaving a 6” rod on top of the pole. A 2” steel collar pipe is drilled and
fastened through the rod to prevent the rod from coming out. This pole is constructed in lengths of 7’, 8’ and 9’.

CENTER POLES – 3 1/2” or 4” Octagon poles which are configured the same as the side poles.
These poles are available in lengths from 12’ to 22’ or longer if requested.

STAKES – 2 1/8” in diameter with a steel collar. Lengths are 24”, 30” and 48”.
Steel stakes are also available in the same lengths as wooden stakes.

BANQUET TABLES – 32′ x 8′ 3/4″ Finished Pine Table Top with 350 lb rated legs,
Marina Urethane Finish (2 Coats). All tables are screwed and
bolted for easy maintenance, Light weight for easy moving – 34lbs total
weight, Folding legs for easy stacking and storage.

We will be waiting to hear from you after you have had an opportunity to look over our price sheet and sale sheet. We hope we can serve your company’s needs.